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Financier Worldwide – Market Outlook – Annual Review 2016

Financier Worldwide | March 2016

PNSA Managing Partner Florian Nițu, on market trends in 2015

“The last 12 months offered great opportunities, but also a good number of failures, so I would say the outcome was mixed. We have seen new investments and equity funds and major industrialists showing an increasing interest in Romanian businesses and opportunities, with PE funds and banks raising significant amounts and committing to big tickets. At the same time, there were many infrastructure and concession projects suspended or even cancelled for various reasons, many foreign to business rationale. Also, changes to the regulatory framework across many sectors have occurred concomitantly, leading in the short term to a sort of administrative deadlock, but the prospects that this situation will improve soon are good.”


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Annual Review • March 2016
Market Outlook



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