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Financier Worldwide – Mergers & Acquisitions – Annual Review 2016

Financier Worldwide | August 2016

PNSA Partner Silviu Stoica, on M&A activity in 2015

“Without either spectacular growth or prospects for major developments, the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) regional market continues to grow. It looks like more of a tempered growth, as the general feeling in the M&A environment across emerging Europe is still one of uncertainty. This uncertainty results in caution for investors when it comes to making deals in the region. So investors direct their attention toward more stable jurisdictions within CEE. Inside the country-sized clusters which feature a comfortable degree of stability and predictability, M&A deals are mainly fuelled by a visible, steady improvement in the quality of businesses. Entrepreneurs have learnt that organically healthy businesses with foreseeable growth prospects are the best lure for investors, irrespective of the industry. Leading sectors in the CEE remain technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), manufacturing and real estate. In fourth place is the finance, banking and insurance space. It is also worth keeping an eye on the retail, services and healthcare sectors.”


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Annual Review • August 2016
Mergers & Acquisitons



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