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Meta Estate Trust kicks-off the IPO and aims to increase its share capital by RON 25 million

Business Review | 16 July 2022

Meta Estate Trust, a holding company operating in the real estate sector, with an innovative investment model for the first time on the Romanian market, announces that the Financial Supervision Authority (ASF) has approved the company's Initial Public Offering (IPO) prospectus.

Meta Estate Trust kicks-off the IPO and aims to increase its share capital by RON 25 million

Therefore, Meta Estate Trust will organize the IPO to increase the share capital and, subsequently, to list the company on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, between July 20th and August 2nd, 2022. The new shares can be subscribed at RON 1.14 / share during the first week, and RON 1.20 / share during the second week of subscription.

The company aims to increase its share capital by RON 25 million, a 33% increase compared to the present share capital. Meta Estate Trust will thus offer capital market investors the opportunity to purchase a maximum total number of 25 million shares. Furthermore, the subscription price is RON 1.2 / share, a discount price compared to the company's valuation of RON 1.58 / share. Moreover, between July 20th and 26th, the company will offer an additional discount of 5% of the subscription price, thus reaching RON 1.14 / share.

According to the company, the minimum subscription value is 5,000 shares, while in case of overwriting, the pro-rata allocation method will be used to determine the number of shares for each investor, Within the initial public offer, Meta Estate Trust will receive legal assistance from Popovici, Nițu, Stoica & Asociații, while the evaluation of the company was made by Veridio. BRK Financial Group will be the intermediary during the IPO.

"Meta Estate Trust brings on the Romanian market an innovative, agile and especially resilient business model in periods of uncertainty and market correction. Making the IPO happen, followed by listing the company on the secondary market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange was, from the very beginning, part of the company's business strategy because we want to offer those interested in the real estate market an attractive alternative to traditional investments that provides protection against inflation in today's economic context and that also ensures the liquidity offered by the capital market", said Eugen Voicu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meta Estate Trust.

According to his statements, the funds obtained from the initial public offering will be directed towards increasing the company's asset portfolio and developing new business lines.

"As a pioneer in this business segment, we want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market in an intelligent manner, so that the amounts obtained from the offer of shares can be used to increase, consolidate and expand the asset portfolio . In today's market context, in which real estate investments are safe havens, the Meta Estate Trust business model  ensures a reduction of risks through diversification both geographically and by market segments, but especially through a rapid capital rotation", said Eugen Voicu.

He pointed out that, once listed on the stock exchange, another advantage of Meta Estate Trust, will be that investors will enjoy liquidity for a traditionally illiquid asset class.

The company's representative also stated that the shareholders representing over 50% of the company's current capital have committed to not selling their shares for a period of at least 6 months from the listing on the stock exchange market.

"We are glad that many of our shareholders, the founding members, the management team and the Advisory Board have reinforced, once again, their confidence in the business model of our company. Thus, as proof of their long-term commitment, even if the shares of Meta Estate Trust will go into trading in August, they will not sell their portfolio for a period of 6 months", concluded Eugen Voicu.


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